Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

In order to process this application and subsequently to continue performing the contractual agreements entered between you and Anora Agency Sdn Bhd (“Anora”) any entity within Anora, we may need to disclose your personal data to Anora and other entities within Anora and other external parties. The external parties we disclose your personal data to may include but not limited to (1) governmental and regulatory bodies; (2) business strategic partners; and/or (3) agents and/or outsourcing vendors (collectively, “External Parties”). These External Parties may locate, store, maintain and/or process your personal data within or outside of Malaysia.

Under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010, we are required to obtain your explicit consent when we collect and process your sensitive personal data. We collect your sensitive personal data in order to assess your application and to administer the products and services that you have signed and/or contracted up for.

From time to time, we, and/or our strategic partners with whom we have a relationship with for specific products, services and promotions (collectively, “Other Entities”) may have information about products, services and promotions that may be of interest to you. To receive such information, your consent is required for us to process, disclose and/or share your information or data with Other Entities. Accordingly, please mark your preference by ticking the appropriate box in the declaration below.

By clicking “Agree and Continue” button, I/we am declaring that I/we have read, understood and agree to terms of the Privacy Notice and I/we am expressly consenting to and authorising Anora (i)To request for and to obtain all the personal information and data in this form for the purpose of processing this application and all other purposes which are required in relation to any products, services and promotions offered by Anora (ii)To disclose my personal data to the Other Entities and External Parties when required for the purposes stated therein; and/or (iii) To collect and process my sensitive personal data for the purpose of this application (where applicable).

By clicking the “Agree and Continue” button, I/we further confirm that all personal data that I/we have provided are all true, up-to-date and accurate. Should there be any changes to any of my/our personal data, I/we shall notify Anora immediately.

With regards to promotional and marketing materials:

  • Yes, I/we expressly agree to Anora and/or Other Entities processing my/our personal data for promotional and marketing purposes.
  • No, I/we do not agree to Anora and/or Other Entities processing my/our personal data for promotional and marketing purposes.

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